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Aug 24, 2013 8:35pm EDT
to vote. a spirit the demands the end to voter suppression in north carolina, texas, alabama, florida, georgia, ohio. we must allow the people to vote. remember, if you remember nothing else -- >> ♪ >> he serves with his father in ministry and his biological father, the reverend jasper williams. he is the rev. joseph williams, pastor of the salem bible church of atlanta, georgia. >> why are you here? to commemorate or participate? commemorate means i am celebrating something that has already occurred. to participate means i am and actively involved in right now. are you here because you want to be seen? do you desire to be a part of change? are you here to point fingers and blame or hold hands with your brother or your sister? 50 years ago, the works of our forefathers and mothers allowed us to see the realization of the first black president. our country still has a race issue all of us need to be a part of. why are you here? the change is not a black or white thing. it is not a yellow, gay, or straight thing. it is an american thing. for us to eliminate racism, we must obliterate
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1